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"Best vacation we ever took, absolutely sensational.  Nicest place we have ever been.  Also were we supposed to get a dinner at the hotel in Florence, we ate there first night, waitress told us it was our free dinner and we pay for drinks.  When we got the bill the dinner was charged and very expensive.  Not really a big deal I just thought for some reason we got a dinner there.  Dinner at the Excelsior was the highlight and perhaps the most memorable vacation experience ever.  While we were eating there was a lightening storm in the distance out over the water.  Capri was the best thing we saw.  Driving no issue except Italians drive like maniacs, fortunately I am pretty crazy myself.  Guy in front of us doing 80 miles an hour almost flipped his car , don’t know how he was able to get back control.  Tours were great.  When we were in Florence with Silvia I bought tomato seeds for big beefsteak tomato plants here at home.  I was so excited about it  I cant tell you.  For some crazy reason I must have lost them, not expensive only two euros but I was so excited to grow them here.  Is there any chance you could ask Silvia to get me package of new ones.  I would gladly pay her.  I know they aren’t supposed to leave the country but surely they could be packaged in a way she wouldn’t get in trouble and they would arrive here.  You can call me to discuss our impressions and ideas for those in the future."  

Bill and Jeannette - Italy Trip September 2013 

"Hi Donna-  Just wanted to say thank you again for your help planning our trip to London and Bath. It was wonderful.  Just wish we were there for the birth of the baby." 

Regards, Robin and Daniel - July 2013 

"Dear Donna,  We just got back from our Sicily to Rome trip, and it was the best trip ever!  From the beginning to the end, we were so pleased with the itinerary and especially the choice of hotels.  Thank you so much for planning an ideal vacation that will be foremost in our well traveled minds."   "

Joanne and Bernie Kandler - June/July 2013 

Hi Donna!  Thank you for your beautiful note ... that was so thoughtful of you! I can't wait to talk to you so we can really discuss the Italy trip in more detail... if there is anything you would want to know more about. The Four Seasons was unbelievable!! As awesome as Cipriani Hotel was... & that was one of my favorite hotels in general, the service as The Four Seasons was off the charts!! Our rooms were huge... and connected by a long hallway in between... so it felt like an apt. The pool, gardens, & outdoor restaurants were just perfect... the staff so much fun. A few of them even played soccer with the kids from the families staying there. Loved it. The last day after seeing The David which we spent quite a bit of time just staring at.. we all agreed to go back to the hotel & do nothing but lie by the pool & relax & enjoy our last day. We had such a great time! The topper was that Matthew Perry (actor/Friends) was checking in & gave my son Jared (who is such a fan) a big high five. So cute. I will call you later. Our trip could not have been better... except for the 2 hour car fiasco. :)) But we met the nicest people, & got such a true feeling for the 4 very different cities we stayed in. This will be a memory we will all cherish, & a vacation that will definitely be hard to beat! We had perfect weather, always sunny, breezy & not too hot. We had "happy vibes" everywhere we went. BTW, the plane ride home was incredible. Besides having a smooth flight the entire way, the seats were just sooo comfy & the service from the flight attendants was wonderful! We all laid flat & were able to sleep. The comforters & pillows were of a hotel standard. So glad we upgraded.... Jared said it was like staying in a hotel in the air... lol. Larry said it was the best flight we have ever taken... & we have flown first class before but not international. Delta is the way to go for Italy! We have all been awake since 3:00 am but we have nothing to do but enjoy our long weekend. Having bkfst w the kids so ttyl. Thx again Donna!" 

Tauber Family

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